©2003, by Jeff Glovsky

originally published (2004) in Strawberry Press Magazine

Tap Tap go my teeth as I gawk in the mirror. I tap them: They’re hard, sort of white…One is broken. I see skin cascade from my bones like a faucet. A walrus bulldog-looking, blank apparition…

There is nothing behind the grey teeth, walrus laughing…The dull, bulldog skin dripping udder-like, down. There is madness. Unrest. Discontentment. Starvation.

I go out, and sunlight insults me, offends.

I squint horribly. Horrid the heat and its light. “Fuckin’ cunt,” now I’ll murmur, as one breezes past…

"Fuckin’ cunt." An old woman stopped, stooped at a stop light…

"You cunts.” A young couple in love, arm in arm…”Fuckin’ bitch!”

I am happy today. Today’s Thursday.

On Thursdays, I splash from my bed like a whale…Tap Tap on my teeth, pick my face, step outside…It’s the day of the week, every week, I get off.

I go down to the Kino and get my rocks off! Rocks are solid. They hurt if I don’t do it weekly…I come, and then bathe in the full emptiness. Like a cave in a mudslide, soft walls squeezing in…Head is swelling with silence, soul pounding with void.

Leave my stain on the pungent red floor of the Kino.

I'm hoping I won't have to see anyone.  No one move me.  There's no one I care to enjoy...I mutter out loud to myself as I walk.

There's the people:  the fuckers who crowd my each day...Drive me back to my place after breakfast...The women:  the beauties who know, and their egos; the men who want these, and their painful, thick stupors...I'm stupid.  You want me though, righ'?  Word.

Yeah, boy-y-y...She's drunk at a sidewalk café when I see her.  She's crossing her fat, craven thighs in a skirt...Now in real Life, Cristina say she's a comic.  "So say something funny," I say, and she farts.

"I hate being ordered to say something funny!"

"Get over it," I say.  "So what do you drink?"

"Well, I'm mourning.  The loss of my sense of myself.  So I'm finding myself -- trying to -- with a drink."


She follows me, though, to a place called the Kettle.  We order a third Flaming Cucaracha.  "Welcome to your new addiction."

"So like, are you as fucking trashed...?"

"As you are?  I don't think so, baby.  I don't think that's possible.  Your ass is pretty nice, though.  Stand up (isn't that, anyway, what you do?)".

"You only want to look!" she slurs.

I lift her short thick, craven skirt.  She squeals, runs off to the rest room.  "How much for the drinks?" I ask.  Dude brings the bill.  My eyes fall out.

I reach into Cristina's purse and pull out three crisp twenties.

"You need change?"

"Of course," I blink.

Dude brings it, and I leave the bar.

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To Natalie, who inspired the title and Patti, who inspired me ... and everyone else who appears in these stories and in me, in some way, to this very day ...

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