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The 'real' Jeff Glovsky is a writer, photographer, live sound engineer, av / presentation support specialist and a dedicated business partner, consultant and entrepreneur.  He has been called other things.  You should not believe ... not ever, no!  Completely free up Amsterdam in holy midnight sleep sex hour ...
"untitled", ©Jeff Glovsky

"Some might argue that it’s hubristic to write in the first-person.

"I (me, myself and … ) disagree."


Reviews ...

"... reinvents the language, developing a cadence and certain words and phrasings ... uniquely, identifiably his."

Tobias Wolff, This Boy's Life

by Jeff Glovsky

on Goodreads

"Not only a book about 'architecture', per se, but a fascinating glimpse into the full scope of city planning, function, design, form and construction which comprise human dwelling."

Vitruvius, The Ten Books of Architecture

* * *

"...literary / spiritual macaroni and cheese: comforting, sort of tasty ... but I was left with the feeling that I could have made a smarter choice. "

Paulo Coelho, Aleph

* * *

"I have no idea how to 'use' Goodreads"

... I Belong?

"Funny and a bit disturbing..."

Underwear Woman Digs the Sea

(These Are Some Travel Stories!)

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