No Offense

... but I don't want to "share" with you.

I don't care to tweet, to "facebook", poke or be poked.  I don't need your "yelps", your "reviews", to be "friended" or "liked" ... Your opinions, unbidden, can't possibly matter;

Nothing Personal

Jeff Glovsky (dot) com

A Jeff Glovsky Reader

Published Works and Wor(d)s in Progress ... Short Stories and

Long Reads:

"Always be a poet, even in prose."

Slice / Life (annoyances, episodes)

#quote Baudelaire

Jeff Glovsky (WordSpeak)

Orphans and Good Ones, Links, Lines, Poems.

Original Writing (and photos) ... by Jeff Glovsky

You are being watched.

Your movements, actions are recorded ... Chased and captured, space and time ... Pasted, cut up, posted up on places, Facebook!  Websites you don't know or use.


Jeff Glovsky (dot) net

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